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Sauda Kommune
Address: Rådhuset, Rådhusgate.
Postal address: P.O. Box 44, 4201, Sauda
E-mail: post@sauda.kommune.no
Tel: 52 78 62 00
Fax: 52 78 39 68


Sauda, a small town with a population of just under 5000, is situated at the end of Boknafjord. It covers an area of 514 km2 and is a commercial, educational and service centre for Inner Ryfylke.

Sauda is, perhaps, best known for its heavy industry and its hydro electric power plants. But it is also a community of contrasts. Old and new industry live side by side with well kept farms with their traditional farmhouses and buildings still intact. The town is surrounded by tree-covered slopes reaching down to the fjord, with cascading waterfalls and topped by mountains, some of which are 1500-1600m. high. Sauda’s most unique advantage is its proximity to wonderful scenic recreational areas.

The town centre is cosy and compact and boasts of heated, snow free streets in winter. Well serviced housing estates are located within easy reach of the town centre and its public services.

Sauda has several modern sports facilities suitable for all forms of training, tournaments and competitions: eg. Sauda Sports Centre and Swimming Pool; the stadium for track events and football with cinder and grass pitches and the Lyngmyr riflerange.

In winter Sauda is a wonderland for skiing enthusiasts. Svandal Skiing Centre is the premier winter sport resort in Rogaland county and offers alpine, snowboard and big jump. There are floodlit tracks for cross-country skiing just outside the town centre and in Slettedal.

Summer offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. One can follow well-marked paths in all the valleys or just roam at leisure in the open countryside. There is fishing in mountain lakes and rivers and in the fjord, and good hunting terrain not far from the town. Or one can swim in lakes and rivers, in the sea or in the heated outdoor pool.

To sum up - Sauda is a good starting point for sport and leisure activities in summer and in winter.



- is a tourist promotion company which co-ordinates tourist related activites in Sauda.
- was started in 2003.
- is an offshoot of Sauda Vekst (Sauda Development) and the project «Sauda - No.1 for - leisure and recreation - all year round!»
- can help groups and individuals to make the most of their stay in Sauda.
Visit our website: www.saudaferie.no for information re accommodation etc.

Address: Kyrkjegata 2
Postal address: P.O. Box 328, 4201 Sauda.
Tel: +47-52 78 42 00
Fax: +47-52 78 42 01
E-mail: post@saudaferie.no
Website: Sauda Ferie & Fritid
Opening hours:
Mid-June- mid-August: 1000 - 1800 Monday - Sunday
Rest of year: 0800 - 1530 Monday - Friday


From Stavanger:
By express boat: - a 2-hour journey through fjord landscape.
By road: (1)Ryfylkeveien Rv.13 through Ryfylke and RV. 520 to Sauda. Scenic route, part of the National Tourist Route. 115km., 3 ferries, approx. 4hrs.
(2)Rennfast: (E 39, E 134, RV. 46, RV. 520) through Haugalandet. 153 km., 1 ferry, 1 toll station, approx. 3 hrs.

From Bergen:
The Coast Road: Take E-39 to Halhjem (36km.), ferry to Sandviksvåg (50mins), continue via Digernes to Valevåg and on to Sauda. (E134, RV: 46, RV. 520). 221 km., approx. 4 hrs.
Via Hardanger:Take RV. 7 to Kvandal, ferry to Utne, RV.550 to Odda, E 134 to Røldal and RV. 520 to Sauda. Approx. 5 hrs. from Bergen.

From Haugesund:
E 134 to Ølen, RV.46 to Ropeid, RV. 520 to Sauda. 112 km.
Haugesund Airport 124 km.

From Oslo:
Via Drammen, Notodden, Haukeli, Røldal and RV. 520 to Sauda, 365 km. The road over the Røldal Mountain (RV. 520 - Røldal - Hellandsbygd) is closed during winter. Alternativ route via Sand, 419km.

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Sauda kommune

Rådhusgata 32
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4201 Sauda
E-post : post@sauda.kommune.no
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